Watch Out For All The Christmas Goodies…


By now everyone would have seen that it look as though Santa did a number on all the malls. October hit and so did the Christmas season and now everywhere you go you are confronted by gift ideas and just different ways to spend your money. The thing is, Christmas has so many little hooks that if you are not careful you will end up spending all your money and everything other than presents. It is all very deceptive because the stores and brands make everything look so delicious and pretty. Everything looks delectable and it entices you to buy stuff you do not need. Just look at the all the stores and how they have spaced everything out and made it all look so inviting. Look at how colorful and cheerful all the packaging is and that is so cruel because we are so easily deceived by packaging. You want to eat all the little treats because they look so good, but often once the wrapping is off there is nothing nice about it. It is like conning season and it is upon us and you need to force yourself to stay strong and not give in to all the temptation around you!

We do not even have the Christmas trees up in our homes yet, but they are up everywhere else. Seriously though, who are we kidding! The stuff looks amazing and it is the season to splurge and over indulge so I hope all the beautifully decorated crap tastes as good as it looks because you only get to enjoy it all once a year so enjoy every moment of it. Just try to not go overboard and it is probably a good time to keep your children away from the malls and stores otherwise they will be throwing ‘I want’ tantrums which makes shopping very unpleasant for everyone else.



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