The Black Sheep


I am sure everyone is familiar with that term and if you more than one child then I know you are familiar with that term. No one really wants to be the black sheep of the family, but you have to wonder why you are the black sheep… Let us look at this rationally, because the black sheep of the family tends to be way over-sensitive and they may cry when they realize that it is probably their fault for being the black sheep anyways. Yes, I said it black sheep; It is all your fault for being the full of nonsense, know-it-all, little bugger who does not make an effort to be  apart of the family and would rather sit sulking about being left out that think of ways to join in. Being the black sheep is just another way people want to victimize themselves and it is just silly really. You may also find that you are the black sheep with some relatives, but not with others. In any event being the black sheep is still not fun for anyone.

If you want to clearly define who the black sheep is in your family it is the odd one out. Often we try to make ourselves feel like the odd one out, but then there are times where you look at the person and wonder where on earth they fell from. The term ‘black sheep’ has negative connotations and if you are the oddball then just embrace it. One of the horrible parts about being the black sheep is that no one really considers you opinion or even really cares if you have something to say and that is never nice. You may have to stand your ground, but making your opinion heard is better than sulking alone in your room crying about being the black sheep. Try to embrace your differences and hopefully the rest of the family will do the same.

If there are any black sheep who wish to comment, please feel free!



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