Spiked Drinks.


It concerns me that we always assume when girls spend the entire next day vomiting their lungs out that they must have had a ton to drink the night before. In fact when girls black out we also just assume that they drank themselves to that point and although that is sometimes the case I also think that a lot of the time the vomiting and black outs are caused by drinks getting spiked. I think there is a surprising amount of weirdos out there who go around spiking girls drinks and it terrifies me to think of the things that can happen to those girls and they will not even remember it the next day. For every sicko who feels the need to knock a girl out so that he can have his way with her I really wish there was a way of tracking you down and making an example of you all. To all the girls out there we are told time and time again to never leave our drinks and come back to them or to never accept a drink from a stranger but I still see girls being stupid and doing exactly that.

Unfortunately, there are some disgusting people in the world who feel the need to spike drinks. I suppose there are guys out there who have also had their drinks spiked and it is serious cause for concern because even though you are big enough and tough enough to defend yourself you may not even remember what happened. Be careful when you are out trying to have a good time, because there are freaks who want to prey on those who make one silly mistake like turning their back on their drink for a few seconds. Girls and guys please beware when you go out and take the necessary precautions to prevent being a victim. If you ever see anyone spiking someone else’s drink be sure to report that person, because they need to have their ass kicked.



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  1. This here is a serious issue… Nice blog post btw, its the guys with no balls, charm and that don’t know how to chat up a lady that do shit like this. They should be spiked and left to a bunch of hardcore 28 gang members ( like Pappa wag vir jou ) and see how the feel waking up with a sore a-hole and not knowing what happened to them

    • I agree with you… it is all a sick game until it happens to them. No one deserves that and hear of these horror stories about things that have happened to people who have had their drink spiked.

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