Don’t make your lack of planning my problem!


There are many different ways to say that just because you suck a getting things done on time does not mean that when you leave something to the last minute it is now everyone else’s problem as well. The more articulate way of putting that is ‘Bad planning on your part does not constitute and emergency on my part.’ For some reason we expect people to perform miracles when we have not bothered to take the time to plan things so that we can avoid the emergency situation. Some times things just happen very unexpectedly! There are times when without even trying we are faced with one hurdle after the other. Planning can help to prevent that, but if all you do is run around like a headless chicken expecting everyone to now sort out your problems then don’t expect any sympathy.

I figured that the best way to make any sense of why people who plan should not give a toss about people who go in to a panic when deadlines are looming is to give you a bunch of inspirational demotivationals! That way you can see how annoying it is when you leave everyone else to do your job.



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