Before all the Kings of Leon fans think that I am insulting their idols, please take a chill pill. It is my opinion and as entitled as you are to have loved last nights ‘performance’ I am entitled to think ‘what a waste of my time.’ I arrived at the green point stadium looking forward to an awesome rock concert ready to get down to Golden Circle and party. I even monitored my liquid intake so that I would not have to leave my spot in the middle of the concert. Now if only other people had a brain and used it and did the same. I understand that when you are in a crowd of people you are going to get bumped and people are going to be moving around, but to all those people who shove and push and swear at you when you get shoved on top of them I say a big eff you too! I do not know if it was the juvenile mentality of the crowd, but I have never been surround by such inconsiderate little shits at any other concert before and as much as you expect me to respect you having a good time how about respecting all the other people around you?

Firstly, it was a none-smoking area!!! Maybe you are happy to poison your lungs, but I do not want to stand there and be a passive smoker when it is actually illegal to smoke in the stadium. I cannot tell you how many people there were waving cigarettes in front of my face and I saw many people getting burned as well. Seriously, just respect the freaking law; grow up and don’t be a cock and light up a smoke. You are not a rebel you are a dick.

Secondly, what is with all those assholes who push through during the performance wanting to go to the bathroom or find a friend or push as close to the front as they can….? There are THOUSANDS of people around and the possibility of finding those mythical people is seriously minimal. And just because you know someone who you randomly bump in to in the crowd does not give you any right to stand right smack in front of them. I was there first so piss off! And do not say you have been waiting there for 5 hours when I have been standing in the exact same spot for 2 hours with you nowhere to be seen.

Thirdly, a performance is not a band standing on stage playing their instruments and singing in to a microphone. As far as the lights went they were pretty cool, but sorry KOL you guys did not deliver in my opinion. I have been to concerts where I am not a huge fan of the band’s music, but their performance just sucks you in. Unless you were wasted or stoned it was a pretty average performance.

Finally, why walk in to a crowd with a full drink? You know people shove and push so have the sense to drink it down a bit. Also, when you get bumped how about not sticking your hand out so that you spill over everyone else and rather over yourself? It is your drink. People apologize when their drink goes flying all over you, but shit, use your brain. I don’t want to be covered in brutal fruit for the rest of the evening.

I know it sounds as though I am moaning unnecessarily, but after all those little children telling me to eff-off bitch because I couldn’t move the crowd to make way for them and shoving me out of their way when they were trying to get past me all I can say is learn some manners. I understand that there were people who thoroughly enjoyed the whole concert and I am happy for you. Maybe I was surrounded by a bunch of pricks, but my friend had this one girl knee her in her groin and throw her out her way. All in all it was possibly the worst concert I have ever been to and it wasn’t just the band who were not fantastic it was the caliber of people there. Disagree if you will, I honestly could not care. In fact if you had a good time please tell me.


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