The women will know what I am talking about when I say a big eff you to all those crusty, disgusting, siff, random men who think it is ok to wolf-whistle and yell out profanities to women they do not know. What is it that makes those men think that they can behave that way? The girl is walking down the street not swinging on a stripper pole. Why do you think women are so angry and defensive when they are approached by men… because there is an abundance of sick losers ruining it for the decent guys who actually go about things the right way. It is utterly mortifying to have some low-life lust after you very loudly in a public space and when that happens there is only one way to react and that is to tell said low-life to eff-off.

Since when did it become acceptable to harass women like this? Maybe men are braver when they are in their car driving past and stick their head out of the window just to yell something rude at you. If they think it is a compliment I can tell you now that girls shudder and their up-chuck reflexes go in to hyper drive. I really do not understand why men have to leer at women? Is it to piss them off or to make them feel uncomfortable? I have read about places that have banned construction workers from wolf-whistling as it puts women off from going near to the area and potentially buying property. Personally, I think it is a great idea to ban men from wolf-whistling overall because it is just degrading. How does everyone else feel about wolf-whistling? Am I in the minority for thinking it is poor form?


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