Karma’s a Bitch if You’re a Bitch!


Those words really made me laugh out loud! I have the habit of saying nasty things about people I do not particularly care for and every time I do something not so nice will happen to me, such as spilling boiling hot tea all over myself when I am wearing all white or tripping and nearly falling on my face or slamming my finger in a car door or tripping up a step or grazing my arm against a wall. I know those things just sound like ditsy mishaps, but they tend to happen when I say something nasty. Does that happen to anyone else? There is the belief that the power of thought provokes those types of situations and if you believe you are being a bitch and you deserve to be punished for it then the universe will find a way to bite you in the ass.

Karma is the belief that what goes around comes around; so whatever you put in to the universe you can expect to get it right back! Karma is not a bad thing, because you can have good or bad karma. If you are a negative person you may just be opening yourself to negative things in life. You know what they say about the power of positive thinking… If you believe that you will achieve your goals then you will achieve your goals. People say that there is always a silver lining and does not always take an optimist to see that silver lining. If you want to put negativity out in to the world every day then maybe you should keep in mind that as you sow so shall you reap.

So maybe the line ‘Karma’s a bitch if you’re a bitch’ is a less fancy way of saying what goes around comes around, but in all its bluntness it is so true.



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