People want everything for nothing.


I do not have many kind words to offer to those who want everything served on a silver platter… they did not buy… filled with luxuries… they did not buy or earn. I understand that people want instant gratification, but for some reason there are people who do not understand that the things that gratify them cost money and money does not fall from the sky, it is earned. For those people who ‘want’ and ‘have to have’ I suggest you find yourself a career that can afford you the many luxuries in life that you just cannot live without. You cannot stand there like Oliver Twist with your hands cupped together asking for more when you have done nothing to deserve more.

What is it with people who expect their friends to do work for them for free? Surely, people understand the concept of a professional and that they do not run their business on good will? I have seen people who feel no shame in requesting their friend’s to do work for them, but they offer them no compensation. It is no wonder friendships turn sour when people behave like that. Just because you are friends with someone does not mean you are entitled to request their services for free. If anything you should want to support your friends and be happy to give your money to someone who you know will do the job properly.

I do not know if people are just unaware of what a full-time job entails, but there are so many people who want the salary, but do not want to put in the hours. We all want that promotion, but if you are a slacker surely you know you will never be the one climbing up in your career. Whatever the reasons may be I suggest people pull their finger out of their bums and actually contribute to society and to their career. There are enough people leaching off the minority who work hard and put back in to society. Things do not just land on your lap, you have to put the hours in and the work in to succeed. If you want to feel like a victim because you are lazy and think that you should be given everything without lifting a finger I truly hope reality kicks you in the right direction and fast.



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  1. I have just a few things to say here:

    I know very much what it is like when people just want jewelry for nothing. I think it is worse when you have your business and services that you offer. If they do pay me, it is usually, 4-6 months late.
    Then I can’t complain as I am compensated yet people don’t realise that you have to then log a loss for that item for the month. Stock WAS used.

    Then yes, people think, not only with money but all areas, they want the free ride but no work. If you’re sick and you want to get better – work for it.
    You’re in the moment, make it happen!

    And anyways, what “fun” is it to sit around and have someone else work for you? That’s boring and what do you do with all that time!

    • I agree with you! People do not think how they are effecting others’ with their wanting everything for nothing attitude. Business is business, it is not pay me when you have the cash it is COD!

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