Rising Fuel Prices


I imagine my shock and horror upon hearing about the imminent increase in fuel prices equals that of every other South African who dreads their monthly, weekly, or heaven forbid, daily visit to the gas station. It really is one of those situations where “they” have got us by the balls and unless we want to Flintstone our asses around there is nothing much we can do about it. It seems we will have to settle for releasing our rage in to cyber space and hating the economists for ruining every day of our lives. We need to blame someone for cutting in to our shopping  and partying money! Times like these call for hyperbolic statements and outrageous comments, because no matter what we say who are we really be offending? We should really take advantage of the fact that we can hurl abuse without offending one specific person. If anyone can give me a name and contact information for who I should address this ‘angry’ letter to I would be most grateful. I often wonder what the reply would be to a consumer who unleashed their more common side and let rip! Do I expect some sort of resolution? Do I expect anyone to give a damn that more hard-earned money now has to go towards getting people from point A to point B? Do I expect a jerrycan of free petrol to be dropped at my door step? I WISH!

What is the point of raging about something we have no control over? I suppose it is just so that we can get things off our chest and hopefully have a thrilling argument with like-minded people who feel our pain and also want to expel their frustration. Remember the good, old days when petrol cost you R4.80 /L? Those days seem so long ago. We got hit by the effing recession and rising costs of EVERYTHING and look where we are at now? Then you hear the news that it looks as though the world is going to be hit by a second recession and all you can think is, could people stop spending money they don’t have, PLEASE?! To sum it up; we are not happy with things costing more, we know no one cares, ‘we’ stands for me and you (if you would like to be a part of the we) and every time we fill up we will be hating on someone for it!

If there are any other angry thoughts you would like to share just to get them off your chest with regards to the whole rise and rise of fuel prices, feel free to have a go 🙂 I feel a little better already.



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