Don’t tell thin people they are too thin!


Do you see people going up to fat people and saying ‘You are so fat! Maybe you should cut back on the junk food.’ Have you ever gone up to a fat person and reprimanded them for super-sizing their meals? The answer is NO. As aware as fat people are that they are fat, most thin people are aware that they are thin. There is no humiliation attached to being skinny so for some reason people do not hold back when they criticize the thin people out there. You see someone skinny and you think there is nothing wrong with going up to them and saying ‘You need to eat a burger.’  Just as you can give a fat person a complex by reminding them that they are a cow, the same goes for skinny people. You are making them aware that they may be slimmer than what is considered acceptable or you are just jealous and you try to console yourself by saying they are too skinny. There are actually people out there with fast metabolisms and even though they try to put on weight they struggle to. Some people are survival eaters.

Survival eaters are the people who eat because their body needs calories to survive and function, not because they enjoy shoveling food in as many of us do. It is not that survival eaters do not enjoy food it is just that the thought of food does not enter their minds until they are hungry. They are the people who can take two bites out of a chocolate bar and put the rest away for later. They do not salivate at the thought of food, because they do not obsess about food like so many of us do. Those people are generally the slim ones because they do not feel the need to keep eating once their body tells them they are full. There are those out there who just naturally have faster metabolisms and as much as they try to put on weight they just cannot.

You cannot always assume that someone who is slim has some sort of eating disorder. You also cannot think it is ok to approach those people who you assume have an eating disorder, because they are slim and suggest that they eat a burger. I have friends who are so self-conscious about their bodies they wear loose-fitting clothes so that people will just shut-up and leave them alone. When it comes to someone else’s body if you have nothing nice to say then just zip-it! It is the people who are insecure about themselves who try to make other people feel insecure about their bodies as well. If you are naturally slim then enjoy it and if anyone wants to tell you otherwise you can redirect them straight to my blog so they can eat their words.



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