That big, Romantic gesture!


I have heard of some ‘romantic gestures’ that would make even the hopeless of hopeless romantics cringe! I remember hearing on the radio about this one guy who dressed up in a carrot suit and somehow got his friends to dress up in carrot suits with him, just to dance around a mall and propose to a girl. You are probably wondering where on earth the carrot suit idea comes from and apparently it was because her favorite color was orange! Now if that is what romance has been reduced to I would rather not have someone propose to me. You hear of all these ridiculous ways couples try to romance each other, but because so many of those efforts have become cliché it seems that smaller is better. If your attitude is go big or go home I suggest you go home. Romance has reached the point where too much is just über corny. It may be sad, but it is a true story. I often laugh at some of those films out there about how a girl will say something and ‘movie months’ later he still remembers what she said and develops some romantic gesture around it. Since when do guys EVER remember what women say?

I do not like the phrase ‘romance is dead’ because I think people need to take a step back and appreciate the little things that you can do for each other. A big gesture is often overrated and if it takes a big, romantic gesture to prove your love and devotion to someone then just make sure they are worth it. When I think of a romantic gesture the words ‘cheesy’, ‘cringe’ and ‘OMG’ spring to mind. I honestly believe there are better ways to make your partner feel special and loved without having to humiliate them or yourself. Many people say that after being together for years the romance goes out of the relationship, but people tend to confuse romance and the honeymoon period. Romance has nothing to do with how often you have sex. Romance is how often you remind the other person how special they are to you. Maybe if people changed their motives romance would be much easier. You do not help with the dishes or cooking because you want the end result to be sex.

Romantic gestures can also not just come out of no where! If your aim to make the person cringe and shudder then you spring romance upon them. Not everyone is keen on the idea of romance and prefer more low-key, subtle gestures. It is always important to KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. I am not saying forget about romance and shove it under the rug or that it should come from one side only.


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