Guys are easy.



That is, of course, a generalization. Before anyone takes it out of context allow me to explain. When guys are out it does not take much persuasion to get them interested.  In fact, if I remember correctly my sources said if a girl smiles at a guy they think they are going to get lucky. Apparently, being cruel and defensive does not always get rid of the guy either, because for some reason they believe we want to have our defenses torn down by their ‘whit’. When you are defensive you give them a challenge which seems to encourage them until they get over the effort and find an easier target. So forget about polite conversation, because apparently that means you are going to hook up with the guy. Just remember that people go out to clubs and pubs in order to meet other people.

I wish I could understand the thought pattern behind it and some guys even feel that girls over complicate the whole process. So, if you are a girl who wants to go out there and get lucky more often than not it is a really easy goal to achieve. It actually makes me laugh a little, because there are girls out there who pride themselves on hooking up and who think they are all that and a sack of potato chips just because they can score. If guys are as easy as we have been told and the girls are as easy as the guys then it is a basic sum of 1 + 1 = DOH! If a girl makes the effort to go out looking good then it seems like hooking up is as easy as blinking. Do we really have to bother with the flicking of our hair; the batting of our eyelids and pouting in the direction of the guy we think is yummy?

How is this for a thought-provoking little sentence “The main reason guys like easy girls is because guys like sex.” Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


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    • It’s tricky! But it seems that if you want to be left alone you really have to keep your head down and ignore all the men on the hunt out there! If you are looking for a response, chin up and make eye contact, because apparently that is all it takes 😛

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