It’s a numbers game…


It is always an eye opener when you sit down with some honest guys and hear the story from their point of view. This week I am going to focus on men, women and how differently the two perceive the same situation when it comes to trying to find someone whether it be as a companion or a fling. We shall begin at the beginning; where do you go to meet the opposite sex? Let’s face it, we all know clubs are the hunting grounds for the single, lonely and sometimes desperate. Whether you are male or female, the reason you go out is so you can be noticed. You may also want to dance and have a good time with your friends, but deep down inside you know you are going out in the hope of meeting someone. Now according to my sources it is a proven fact that hooking up is a numbers game. You know those idiot guys who walk around with the lamest pick-up lines? Well, chances are they hook up more often than all the other guys standing around looking lost, because there is always some stupid girl who will give in.

Let us equate that to something else we are familiar with: just like sales is a numbers game and the more people you speak to the more sales you are likely to make, the same applies to guys and how many girls they approach in a night. If you make the effort to approach 40 girls in a night one of them is bound to be as desperate as the guy is and give in. It is also possible that the drunker girls get the less they care about what you say. I was also informed that shorter guys or guys with smaller wee-wee’s tend to hook up with more girls simply because they feel they have something to prove and try harder than shall we say taller and better endowed guys. In South Africa it is still up to the guys to approach the girls. Some girls are more forward, but for the most part we are still a little old-fashioned. Some guys have just got game and can pick a girl up anywhere! I am not referring to that ‘pick-up artist’ or ‘the game’ nonsense, I am talking about guys who just know how to talk to girls.

Take a closer look when you go out. Guys will go to the girl who is easiest, because at the end of the day they are looking to hook-up. Unless you look like a goddess, if you are too much effort they will move on to the next girl until one eventually gives in. I had to laugh when I was told that guys are easy, but that is tomorrow’s topic! If there are any additional points to add, please feel free to inform the uninformed.



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