Rhino Day!!!!



The fact is that Rhinos are being targeted for their horns which are ground in to powder and used for medicinal purposes and as an aphrodisiac in the East. Over 280 Rhinos have been illegally slaughtered in South Africa since the beginning of this year. We are the ones who put them in their enclosures so if we really care about their species it’s time we stood up and did something drastic. Some people take the view that if an animal attacks a human it is shot because it is wild and dangers, but then surely the same measures should be taken with the poachers who are violently and barbarically killing these innocent animals?

Luckily, this time around the government is making an effort by developing and spending money on anti-poaching schemes. There are so many causes to be a part of, but when it comes to preserving these magnificent animals it is not possible to turn a blind eye. Another company who’s efforts have raised significant funds to help save the Rhinos is Woolworths. Take a look at the clip and maybe today could be the day you buy your rhino bag and support their efforts to help stop Rhino poaching in South Africa.

If you have any other organizations efforts you would like to mention please feel free so we all know


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  1. One big myth in your writing, rhino horns aren’t used a aphrodisiac in the traditional Chinese medicine, they’re hunted and killed for the horns to be used as ornamental handles for knifes/daggers. (this doesn’t mean it any less barbaric and stupid!)

    Personally I think a great help would be to legalize the horn trade, as a rhino horn can be safely removed without hurting the animal, and a horn grows back in 3-4years.

    I totally agree with rising the sentiment and issue today, unfortunately we’re preaching to the choir, maybe we should lobby government for stronger sentences and jail time when poachers are caught.

    • Thanks for that 🙂 I read in a couple of places that it is used as a aphrodisiac, but perhaps it is incorrect and just something the activists made up to make the act even more barbaric.
      I understand where you are coming from by wanting to legalize the trade of rhino horns, and surely if it was an alternative to what is currently taking place the government should have taken a look at it by now? Seeing as though it is not legalized it seems the best we can do is aid organisations that are trying to prevent more unnecessary brutal slaughters.

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