My wife may not work.


Yes, those words shook my entire world yesterday and it felt as though I had been sucked in to the 1900’s. When I realized they weren’t joking I had to bite my tongue in case I said something insulting. I was trying to understand why someone would not want a two income household. How in this day and age even after Sex and the City, can some men still want to keep their wives at home raising the children? More to the point, how can women allow men to treat them that way? My mother worked a full day until I was about 17 and that never bothered me. She still works and most of my friends mothers work as well.

When I asked why they do not want their wives to work the answers were even more disturbing: because I don’t want her to know better than me; she doesn’t need her own money because I will give her when she asks; her job is to cook, clean and raise the children. The one guy said his wife asked the other week if she could work and he said no. I’m outraged, disgusted and horrified that anyone would even consider holding someone back from pursuing a career. There are women who are happy to sit at home all day and watch soapies, but there are also women who want to work and earn a living for themselves.

Just hearing all that garbage made me so thankful that my mom and dad raised me as an equal and allowed me to have the same opportunities as my brother. I could never imagine someone telling me that I am not allowed to work, because that is just insulting and controlling. There are still men in the work place who would prefer to not have women working with them and I have no time for people like that. To all the men who allow their wives and daughters to chase after their dreams and work and earn their own money I think you are wonderful and should have a stern talking to all the men who don’t.



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