Crime E-mail Warnings…


Living in South Africa we seem to be immune to all the injustices that take place and that is because we are faced with them nearly every day. How many of us have opened our e-mails to receive warnings from friends about new ways that thieves are now using to steal from us or new methods gangs use to try to lure people to a place where they can be raped and murdered? How is it that society has become so twisted and obscene that if you drop your guard for one second you may become a statistic? The scary part of those e-mail warnings is the thought of who did that happen to? How many people were victims before that warning was sent out? Everywhere you look they say that South Africa still remains a violent country. The fact that a South African citizen could claim refugee status in another country based on what horrors they were faced with in South Africa says volumes about the country in which we live. We simply accept that these awful things happen and continue to live our lives cautiously behind alarm systems, bars, laser beams and high walls.

Do we celebrate because there is a decrease in violent crimes? A decrease does not mean they have come to an end. Maybe the whole prison system is not as effective as it once was and punishment should be in line with the crime committed. Even though Singapore has some pretty strange laws, when it comes to dealing with serious crimes maybe they have the right idea. I am all for human rights, but what about our basic human right to be safe? Surely if someone breaks that law they should be subject to the same treatment? So our prisons are in a terrible state and people are raped. People get raped outside of prison as well. Maybe if you chop off their genitals you will stop rape inside and outside of prison. If you do not know how to not rape someone then if you don’t have your genitals it won’t matter because you can’t. If you do not know how to not steal and your hands have been chopped off because you are a thief, you won’t be able to pick anything up and take it from whoever it belongs to.

I heard that in India a man was caught for drunken driving and instead of being sent to prison he was given 10 lashings. That is the kind of punishment you would never forget. Call me cruel, call me callous, but why should I have any respect for some rapist or thief’s life when they have no respect for mine?

Crime is harsh, but the punishment should be harsher.


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