Breaking bad habits.


Whether you pick your nose, pick split ends, scratch your balls, sniff all the time, cough, clear your throat, snap at people instead of talking, wiggle your nose, crack your knuckles, squint, eat fast, pull your mouth, have bad posture or blink consistently it is possible to break any bad habit! First things first, you need to know you are doing it and you need to constantly remind yourself that you have the bad habit that you need to break. They say it takes 3 weeks which is 21 days or 504 hours to break a habit. A habit is not an involuntary bodily reaction to anything it is just a weird little something you have developed out of choice without even realizing it. Sometimes we develop habits as a response to stress and sometimes you just develop bad habits like sniffing none stop because you become too lazy to control your actions. Yes, you control your actions, which means you can control when you clear your throat or not.

You break a bad habit by making the conscious decision to stop doing what you are doing! It is as simple as that. You say to yourself ‘I do not want to bite my finger nails anymore’ and you force yourself to stop biting your finger nails. You develop bad habits as a way to fill a need. For example, biting your nails helps you relieve your stress, but it is a better idea to substitute bad habits for good ones. Basically, the steps to breaking your bad habits are as follows:

1. You need to be aware of the habit! If you are oblivious to the fact that you suck air through your teeth or flare your nostrils all the time how can you do anything about it?

2. You need to want to stop the habit. If you wish to continue crackling your knuckles or blinking then that’s your choice.

3. It takes 3 weeks so you need to be committed to breaking the habit.

4. Do not try to change too much at once. Focus on one bad habit at a time and once you have tackled that move on to the next.

5. Keep at it! Habits have a funny way of creeping back up on us so make sure you make an effort to keep it gone.



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  1. Great blog post! I think you’ve given some fantastic advice here that will definitely help people change habits. If you’re interested in seeing those steps in action, check out – where every day people are choosing a habit to change; starting a mission, and then changing it…day by (sometimes) painful day!

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