Quickest ways to lose friends!


Some people are friends for life and then there are some friends who you thought were friends for life until you made the fatal mistake of lending them money; going on holiday with them or trusting them with a secret. There are some friends who no matter what you do there will always be a great friendship at the end. Even if you have a little tiff about something, you will make up and move on, because you know the friendship is more important. You do not always know who those friends are and you cannot assume that any friendship can withstand the test of time and any hardship it may encounter. After some experiences these are the pointers I have narrowed it down to and it is not to say that you WILL not be friends if you choose to venture down any of these roads, but it is a possibility you should consider.

1. Going on holiday with friends. Some people are easy to get along with and you could end up having a fantastic time! Other people may be selfish, boring and uninterested in making it a fun holiday and you will forever blame them for ruining your holiday. Be very careful about who you go on holiday with!

2. Money. The lending or borrowing of money is always a tricky situation, but to me, if you are in desperate need of some money rather go to a bank or your family first. Friends and money do not mix well together and you get people who call themselves friends and will take your money with the promise to pay you back, but it never happens.

3. Business with friends. It is always great to pass business on to your friends if you can, but for some reason when friends do work for you they seem to think they do not have to put the same effort in because you are friends. Um, NO! Be very cautious about doing business with friends, because when business goes bad, the friendship may turn sour. This includes any kind of business; starting a business, allowing them to do business for you, going in to a business type venture together, etc.

4. Sharing your secrets. You have to be very careful about what you tell who these days! Sometimes you will be in the company of someone who is a tried and trusted friend and a friend who you are beginning to really get to know. The problem is, because you are so comfortable with your tried and trusted friend you forget about the other one and you may say things that you should not. Unfortunately, there are some secret slips that are 100% unforgivable!

5. Fiddling with your friends family. Unless you are very serious about your friends’ sibling, you should never take the risk of getting involved and it messes up in a bad way. If you make friends with the family because of the relationship it is fine, but if you are friends first and then go for their brother or sister be very careful, because in most cases you are playing with fire!

Those are a few examples of the quickest way to lose friends. It does not matter how long you have known someone for! There are friendships that end after 10 years because of things like that. If anyone else has any other “Do not’s” to include or any examples, please feel free!


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