Game Addiction!


You may think you are immune to Wii, XBox or Play Station games, but that does not mean you will not succumb to other addictive games out there! I took me one day to notice I was addicted to the game and the first sign was that 2 hours had passed and I had no idea where the time had gone. The game sucked me in and the only thing that stopped me was my battery running flat. There you have it, we are all susceptible to addiction and whether you have an addictive personality or not when you find something you enjoy and you over indulge that is it for you; you can consider yourself an addict!

You may think game addictions are nothing serious, but when you spend all your time absorbed in that make-believe world while life continues to happen around you, you will come to see that there is nothing harmless about it. There is actually a term to describe people who become addicted to video games and that is video game overuse. Video game overuse is basically when you become obsessive about playing  TV or computer games similar to the way drug addicts become obsessive about their next fix. When your life begins to revolve around playing TV of computer games and those games begin to interfere with every day life, I suggest you take a deep breath, switch off the TV or computer and get away as fast as your legs can take you.

Luckily, I caught my addiction on the first day! Just be aware of people who become absorbed by silly little games such a Farmville, Zombie Killer something or other, or even worse, the dreaded Fly Birds!  Life is not about your fake achievements on a game, it is about real people, real events and social contact is what makes life real. Has anyone ever known someone who has been addicted to a silly, little game? Have you ever been addicted to a silly little game?


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