Chick fights!


When girls fight we pull hair, slap, scratch, push, shove, shriek and every now and again we throw a punch or a kick. We may not all know how to throw a decent punch, but that is besides the point. I remember when I was at school I used to get in to many verbal bitch fights and the one day the one girl kept repeating ‘Slap me, I can see you want to.’ Truth be told, if I wouldn’t have gotten in to trouble for it I probably would have slapped her. When I was about 11 I was having a cold war with a girl in my class and she had taken my pencil and I asked her to give back. Her response was attempting to stab me with her scissors, but she hurt herself instead, which must have made her even angrier. We pulled hair, scratched, she got a few good slaps in and I got to kick her in the back as she tried to walk away. Since then I have never been tempted to have me a little bitch fight again, because it really looks stupid and it is very pointless. The thing is physical violence is physical violence, whether you look good beating someone up or not.

Anger management! We all have different outlets for our anger or rage, but beating on someone is not a good idea. I do not mind threatening it in conversation to your friends, but that’s just because once you say it you should feel a whole lot better. If you still want to physically hurt the other person I suggest you book an appointment with someone and find a better way to channel your rage. My one friend had a bottle thrown at her face by some psycho girl on the dance floor. Yes,  a bottle thrown at her face. I often feel the urge to smack people, but I stop myself because I know I would probably end up hurting myself more than the other person. So girls, ladies, females… the next time you feel the urge to throw something or slap another girl, try counting to 10 and walking away. Take a look at the clip below because that is pretty much what you’ll look like if you start a chick fight:


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