The painful search for a quote.


It seems many businesses have to be coaxed and harassed in to sending out quotes these days. You would think it would be a priority, because the more you quote the more jobs you are likely to sign off on. That fact does not seem to sink in with the majority. Also, have you ever noticed how differently companies offering the same service quote? Let’s say you would like to order a cake to be delivered and you go to company A and company B. Company A will give you one price, which includes everything from ingredients to delivery; they may even offer free delivery as part of their service. Company B will send a quote for the same cake and you will be charged to for the cake ingredients, the electricity it costs to bake that cake, the packaging, the decorations on the cake and the delivery of that cake. That’s why it is important to go out and get more than one quote from different companies offering the same service. Here is a very important little tip: Just because it costs more does not mean it is any better!

Some people are in it to rip you off! We are not all professionals in every industry so we would like to think we can trust the advice of professionals, but there are some professionals who specialize in ripping ignorant consumers off just so that they can make money off of us. Watch out for these sharks, because they always seem to have the best intentions. There are some dead giveaways for these ‘people.’ The biggest tip-off is when they say “I can see there is a problem, but I will have to tear everything around it to pieces before I can identity said problem.” With technology today you can tell that liar where to stick it. Imagine if every time you took your car in to be serviced they took it to pieces just to identify the problem. For example, your seat-belt seems to be faulty, but we’ll have to check the suspension, engine and everything else just to be certain. I am not disputing that sometimes that is the case, but to be safe you need to hear it from more than one source. Always get numerous quotes. It may be time-consuming, but at the end of the day you will be thankful for it.

I cannot stand that there are people out there who knowingly rip customers off. I wish there was a massive dustbin for people who intentionally take advantage of consumers. Not everyone can afford to fork out money again and again,because chances are the people who over charge you will not fix the problem correctly.


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