Sex before marriage…


Many people are very offish when it comes to talking about sex before marriage. Before you go off topic I am not condoning sleeping around nor am I damning promiscuity. All I am saying is that people should lighten up. The virgins should stop thinking they are better than the non-virgins and the non-virgins should stop thinking they know better than the virgins. Let’s face it although we may be in the 21st century that does not mean that everyone has joined us here. At the same time just because it is the 21st century does not mean we should have to throw away all our values and ideals. If abstaining until marriage is important to you then people should not judge you for that, but because you are a minority no amount of justification is going to save you from the pitch fork of judgement. Think about it this way, you cannot really criticize something until you’ve tried it.  The thing is how do you answer this question without getting mentally stoned by the virgins and religious people out there: What’s wrong with sex before marriage?

The way I see it is that if you are the kind of person who wants to have sex before marriage you have to take it with the good and the bad. That means that you have to acknowledge that there are STD’s out there, which no one is immune to. If you are a female, you can fall pregnant before you are even ready to have a child and if you are a male, you can make a baby as well. Yes, it is as much your responsibility as it is the girls! Aside from all those nasty little side effects, what about the emotional weight of having sex? People quickly forget that it is so much more than “Wham, bam! Thank you maam!” The thing is, people already know all this, but they still want to cry when the fun is over and they are left with the consequences. All you deserve is the naughty corner because you will not get any sympathy here and to tell you the truth, you do not even deserve any sympathy.

Before all the virgins start cheering I have to say that just because you have not had sex before marriage does not make you the holy grail.  It is all good and well saying that you are in love and that is more important that the physical aspect of a relationships, but after you have been with someone for 5 years and the sex sucks, we’ll speak again. You should count yourself lucky that you are able to buy sex toys online so that you don’t get caught wandering in to all the adult stores. Not all people who have sex before marriage are promiscuous, but at least they know what they are getting themselves in to. Also, now you suddenly have Christians who are saying that you can have sex when you are engaged? If you want to be a prude you have to be a prude all the way. This making up your own rules nonsense, because you are horny is just ludicrous. Being uptight is what comes with the territory so be prepared for it. Do people really believe that ‘True love waits” ?

This is not about being for or against sex before marriage it is trying to understand and respect the choices people make. Whenever virgins and non-virgins get on to this topic it always ends in a battle of morals and values, but at the end of the day we have to make our own choices and live with the consequences of those choices. There is so much to say about this so let’s hear what everyone else’s opinions are…



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  1. I’ve spoken about the same thing on my blog before and I think one should do something until it no longer works for them and should stop concerning themselves with everyone else’s business.
    If you want to be celibate, DO IT until it no longer works for you. If you want to be promiscuous, DO IT until it no longer works for you.
    But do things FOR YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU WANT TO. If everyone else is doing it and it doesn’t work for you – that’s fine!

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