Forgive me for being selfish with my time, but why is it we allow people to mess us around and arrive half an hour late for an appointment? Why should we sit around waiting for people who obviously have no respect for us? With mobile phones these days there is no excuse or legitimate reason why you cannot pick up your phone and make a courtesy call informing the person that you may run a little late and if it is inconvenient you can reschedule. Surely, if you schedule a time to meet with someone you make sure you leave on time? Here is the main the point I want to make… No one gives a shit who you are and how important you may think you are, if you arrive late without any apologies why should people give up their time for you? I really wish people would get over themselves and realise no one wants to hang around waiting for people. You may think you are a very important individual and you may even be an important individual, but lack of respect is lack of respect no matter who it comes from.

I do not believe in the excuse, ‘I always run late.’ If that is the case then rather don’t go making appointments with people when you can never arrive on time. Make a point of arriving earlier and if you cannot help that you are running late make the call and let the people know. Otherwise, you end up looking like a really inconsiderate, selfish person.


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