Reasons to AVOID alcohol!


Why would I ruin your Friday with this? Because I know most people will just laugh it off and take out a beer to drink while they read it. For the most part I expect you to sit there with a ‘doh’ expression on your face, but if you go out tonight you will see that even though people already know this, they actually couldn’t give a flying fart. Let us begin our ‘Doh’ experience:

1. Addiction
One of the most common Reasons to Avoid Alcohol is addiction, it is the most visible effect when someone consumes alcohol in long-term.  Without alcohol, this person is always feeling anxious and nervous.  By drinking alcohol, it helps him to feel relaxed.

2. Symptoms of Withdrawal
You will experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop consuming alcohol.  These symptoms include nervousness, anxiety, vomiting, nausea, and numbness.

3. Liver Disease
This one is the most dangerous and it is one of the Reasons to Avoid Alcohol. Scar tissue on your liver is not as fun as all the drunken nights out that lead up to it. Think of it as self-inflicted hepatitis!

4. Lead to Accidents
What? Consuming alcohol can lead to accidents? Who would have thought! The over-consumption of alcohol causes a person to lose their sense of stability and slow down their thinking process, therefore, affecting their response time. Think of it as watching a rock fall towards your face and just standing there staring at it until it hits you.

5. Uncontrolled Behavior
For example, having sex without contraceptives. And you know what that leads to! Watch the Durex ads if you don’t.

6. Negative Impacts on Relationship
Aside from becoming an abusive pig you can also have stupid fights that do not even make any sense! Watch out for those crying couples who after a conversation that no one can follow, dry off their tears and continue to party! It has happened to me!

7. Depression
An acceptable amount of alcohol can help you to relax, but excessive amount of alcohol will lead to a heavy depression.  A research shows that 40% of heavy drinkers show a sign of depression. Let’s us see a show f hands for those people who drink when they feel down?

8. Dirty Hygiene
Do not pee in public places! We know men can whip it out anywhere, but when girls drink they also lose their inhibitions and I can tell you now, it is not pretty! Plus, people tend to fall all over the place and you never know what you may land in. You may not care that night, but the next morning when you smell like sewage you will not be happy.

9. Beer Goggles

Need I say more?

Have a good Friday and remember to DRINK RESPONSIBLY!


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