Spring Cleaning.


It is nearly that time of year again when people should be thinking of moving their furniture and scrubbing in the corners! Spring cleaning is all about airing out your homes, cleaning out the cupboards and getting rid of any unnecessary clutter you may have accumulated. I know most people could quite easily find something better to do, but there is something very therapeutic about de-cluttering your life and the space around you. I am a hoarder, but I am trying to break away from the lies us hoarders tell ourselves whenever it comes to Spring Cleaning ‘I will wear that someday soon,’ ‘ I may need it in the near future and then I will regret throwing it out,’ and ‘it is just so pretty I cannot just toss it away.’  I do not hoard to the point where you cannot walk through the door, but I dare you to open my cupboards. If there was any spare space it has been taken up by something I probably don’t need.

Spring cleaning is good for the soul! It really does feel good to know that you have cleared away dirt and grime from the more difficult to get to places that I can guarantee your domestic does not even try to clean. If you do not have a domestic and you take it upon yourself to do the cleaning I am sure you have your own routine that conveniently skips those hard to reach places as well and to give yourself peace of mind you always tell yourself ‘on the next clean I will do it.’ Also, by avoiding those places you are ignorant of all the dirt, fluff and dead bugs that have accumulated there over the months. You do not have to be a clean freak to be motivated to clean after you have seen what lies beneath. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

For all those getting your cleaning gloves on and preparing to do the annual toss out of clothes that you know deep down you will never wear again I salute you. Think of it as a great work out and a way to discover what is hidden in the back of your closet that you may have forgotten about. A clean home is good for you and even if you do a big clean only once a year, we will not judge you…. out loud. If you are very sentimental about your clothes invite some friends over and have a movie montage moment with them and hopefully they can help you keep what looks good and toss what needs to go. If you are going to toss good clothes that have barely been worn you can even let your friends see if there is anything they like in the pile. That way you are recycling and getting rid of some of your hoard! If anyone has any other spring cleaning tips to offer please do! I am sure the cleaners out there are always looking for miracle cleaning solutions 🙂



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  1. well let me tell you, if i can get a gadget that can attract all the dust, instead of go lying on the furniture, i’ll be a very happy man. Maybe then i can dust every twice a week instead of every week 🙂 As i hv a home with carpets and a cat, cleaning does take some extra work, so i’m in the habit of lifting the couches once a month a least…and, i don’t believe in housemaids. But good post, think i should climb into my cupboard and get rid of those unused clothes for a change 🙂

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