Are you one of those people who always feels as though everyone is judging you? Do you always feel like you are not good enough or that people focus their attention on you when you walk in to a room? INSECURE MUCH? I totally understand what it is like to feel insecure and I am pretty sure the majority of people have felt the same way on numerous occasions. One of the worst outcomes of insecurity is that it affects your attitude and outlook on life for however long you allow it to control you. Knowing your are feeling insecure and admitting it may help you take it by the balls and show it who is boss. Insecurity can take away your will to socialize and most people end up staying indoors and without realizing it you become a bit of a recluse. The thing about insecurity is that you tend to become hyper sensitive, because you are so concerned with what everyone else is thinking about you and the thoughts are all in your head so only you have control over them.

The big question is, how do we deal with insecurity so that we can get over it and get back to that happy place? Insecurity is very deceptive. Some people may appear to have it all together and go through life smiling, but it takes work and constantly reminding yourself that you are a great person to overcome it. If the power of your mind can make you feel so negative towards yourself surely swapping your negative thoughts for positive ones should help you feel better about yourself? The most important thing to remember is that you need to focus on your good qualities! I repeat, focus on your good qualities!!! We all have things about ourselves that we don’t like and focusing on them is not going to make you feel any better about yourself. Something else that may help is selecting a partner who makes you feel good about yourself. You want someone who is going to look at you and remind you of your good qualities and not your flaws all day every day.

Like P!NK or not this song is the perfect reminder that we all need to focus on all the good things!


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  1. 1. Monitor your thoughts. Thoughts translates to behaviour which translates to actions. Psychological fact. Well it has more to do with cognitive therapy but anyway.
    2. You CAN’T live a life for others, ie: worrying what others think or say about you! You should worry about what you YOURSELF thinks and says about YOURSELF!

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