Miscommunication is the failure to communicate clearly not the art of confusing people! The problem with poor communication is that you will inevitably reach a point where everyone involved has no clue what is going on nor do they know who to blame for not knowing what is going on. What about those people who blabber on and on because they are afraid if they say what they actually want to then they may ‘upset’ people? I do not understand why people are so afraid to say what they want to say in a way that everyone will clearly understand. Just spit it out so that there is no room for confusion. You can always pick and choose your words so that it does not come out too horribly as long as you do not chop and change your mind the whole time, because then you will lose people. People can pick up when you are blabbering in the hope that they will somehow be able to decipher what it is you actually mean so why not make it easier on everyone and just say it.

There are times when you may make a statement and you cannot help what other people infer from what you have said. People usually do that when they are trying to be funny. Sometimes it is funny when there is an innuendo you did not even realise was there and other times it is just ridiculously frustrating. You know those people who for some unknown reason always turn what one says in to something sexual? Just because their mind is continuously in the gutter now we all have to be reminded of their perverse thoughts. I had a whole day of miscommunication yesterday, but it was because I was not being clear about what I was saying so people made assumptions because I did not give enough information.

Seeing as though it is Friday why not try to communicate properly and not leave people feeling frustrated and confused by not making any sense? We already have to deal with language barriers, technology and speech impediments! Is it just me who finds poor communication frustrating? Do you have any entertaining stories where you did what you think someone asked you to do and that was not it?



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