Men, Women… Strip clubs!


Please do us all a favor and jump off your high horse. Yes, you are absolutely entitled to be disgusted by the idea of a strip club and what goes on there, but at the end of the day they exist so you might as well pull your head out of the sand box and acknowledge it. Personally, I think it is better for women to strip than to turn tricks, but what do I know? I have grown up in a privileged family and been given everything my little heart desires; I only have to ask and usually, it’s mine. Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury in life. You can of course take the higher ground and say there are people who have accomplished a lot more with a lot less, but we can’t all come out on top in life and we can’t all be martyrs. I have heard this argument many times. I use the word argument, because it begins as a discussion but ends up with many people offended and often going on about other things that really had nothing to do with going to a strip club.

Will a man cheat at a strip club? They can cheat ANYWHERE; it is not location specific. If your partner really wanted to pay for sex he could go to many street corners and pick someone up or he could just go in to a club and pick up a drunk, easy girl as well. Will he fantasize about other women? As the saying goes, you can look but you can’t touch. I’m pretty sure the same goes for strippers if you get a lap dance? I stand to be corrected! Some people feel you have ‘issues’ in your relationship if you allow your partner to go to a strip club. For starters your partner should not be asking for your permission for anything. You should trust each other enough so you can discuss likes and dislikes, but you cannot control your partner and tell them where they can and cannot go. If you tell them not to it may just make them want to do it more. Secondly, why must there suddenly be issues, just because your relationship is not the same as someone more conservative?

Of course everything in moderation. If your partner is going to a strip club weekly or heaven forbid, daily, then you may have a problem on your hands. If it happens once in a blue moon then why be concerned? You can just as easily fantasize about an attractive girl you see in a mall as you can about a stripper. Many people feel it is insecurity that gets women all riled up at the thought of their man going to a strip club, but it’s also jealousy. They probably think there is no reason for him to go and look at another girls breasts when he can look at yours. Maybe it is a good incentive to not sit on your arse and become a cow? If you are so sure that he loves you as much as you think he does then why does it matter if he goes to a strip club?

I totally respect those who do not like the idea of their partner going to a strip club, but my opinion is ‘I really do not mind as long as it is not in excess.’ I am not the most secure person, but I often find women will not allow their partners to see strippers, but they will have no problems seeing male strippers. As long as you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to something like this, that is all that matters.



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  1. I agree with you. As long as there is a mutual understanding between you and your partner. I am also not the most secure person, but my bf and I have an agreement of what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to going to strip clubs. He goes if the occasion comes up, but there are boudaries we have both set for each other and agreed on, and that works for us!

  2. I think you live in my head 🙂 I wrote a blog along similar lines about porn. Men and women are just taller kids, if you deny them something, it looks more exciting.

  3. I don’t care if G goes to the stripclub. For what? Then I must care that he went to a pub!
    In this town pub/stripclub, all the same, except in a pub, the chick isn’t paid to be naked (and I so wish they were because then it would be more entertaining instead of whore-ish).
    I’d only be worried, for the same reasons as you Bron.
    Otherwise I don’t care really, he can have a good time and I can on my own mission.
    You can’t restrict each other as a relationship shouldn’t be a doom/jail sentence.

    Verily agree with Crasstash

    • As my boyfriend always says Cheaters gonna cheat. Whether they go to a strip club or not. I love that comment Quote: “except in a pub, the chick isn’t paid to be naked (and I so wish they were because then it would be more entertaining instead of whore-ish).” Unquote. Very funny!

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