Who is your best friend?


I am warning you ahead of time that this blog has a bit of a sentimental edge to it. I was having a chat with a friend over the weekend and we found ourselves chatting about friends, good friends and of course the best friend. The question is, how do you rank your friends? Yes, we all rank our friends and we rank our friends based on the qualities we think make a good friend. Some people will rank their friends based on how long they’ve known them, others on how well they get on and some will rank their friendships based on how often they see their friends. Neither way is wrong of course. The only problem is when your friends rank their friends differently to you and to you they may be your best friend but to them you are just a good friend. You may laugh, but there are people who are actually offended if someone who they consider to be their good friend does not, for example, ask them to be a bridesmaid at their wedding. Some people take their friendships so seriously that they may even end the friendship if such a thing had to happen!

If you ask me you can have more than one best friend. Best friends are the people who stick by you through thick and thin; who you fight with and make-up with time and time again; your best friend will never make you feel left out; they will always take your side even if you are wrong; you both keep in touch no matter where in the world you are and whenever you see the person again it is as if no time has passed in between. Something that I feel people need to remember is that no friendship is perfect, because there is no such thing as the PERFECT FRIEND! You have to accept that friends are people and people make mistakes. At the end of the day you are the only who can decide what your limits and boundaries are and you have to decide how disposable your friendships are. You go through different experiences with your different friends so keep an open mind.

Even guys have bromance so BFF’s are not just a chick thing anymore. How does everyone else rank their friends? My ranking is by trust and how long I have known my friends. It just makes sense; the longer you have known someone, the more you have been through together and the better you usually know someone. It also gives you time to build up trust. Others may feel differently so please let me know.


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  1. Yes, best friends are those who makes time for you, the one’s that wants to visit regularly so we can catch up and do activities together, the one’s that actually make an effort to reply to your emails and SMS and actually give’s u a call to find out how’s it going, the one’s who care a little bit more and wants to keep the friends connected does not matter how far they are from each other.

    PS: like the new blog look 🙂

  2. Nice post – I enjoyed reading it
    I think in this day & age, friendship has become more of status than anything else – really sad. ‘Like-ing or Friend-ing someone’ is so superficial; it does not even begin touch on what a friend is. I agree with your view on best friends; to me, they’re the ones who will still come to your aid 10 years later, and ‘act’ like nothing has changed apart from the fact that you need them. I have many acquaintances, people I consider friends because they have great values and morals and then 4 best friends who I would do absolutely anything for, any day, any time for a plethora of reasons… Yes as cliched as it sounds. you cant choose your family, but we’ve all been given the gift of choosing people that will be an inspiration and motivate us in one way or another & touch our hearts in unimaginable ways… I like to think of this as the ‘Gift of a best-friend’…

    I look forward to further reading 🙂

    • Thank you for your insightful reply. Facebook does somehow make friendships seem superficial and to all the people who determine their worth by their friend requests I feel sorry for them. When it comes to friends it is all about the time and effort you put in and if you can see the person is not good for you then you have to choice to walk away.. your friendship is not a charity service.. it is the one aspect of life I feel people should be particular about because bad friends are not good to have around you!

  3. I don’t believe in best friends anymore because my last 2 always made me feel left out and treated me kakas.
    What does hurt is I asked the last one as we were friends for so long to be my maid of honour. Then she kinda went & realised have money was better than having a bff.

    I just have friends. I have one close friend I tell most things too and we can vent. We like each other’s therapist friend – I talk, she listens and visa versa.

    Enough about me but principles IMPORTANT in a friendship:
    HONESTY, trust, OPENNESS, GENUINENESS, appreciation, love and being there through EVERYTHING bad (not just the good stuff), respect and acceptance.

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