Ai, the UK!


Is the worst over? I am not an optimist so I am going to say I do not think so. Everyone I spoke to was saying things like ‘This is something that only happens in Africa’ or ‘Can you believe something like this is happening in the UK?’ As soon as something like this happens people always look for someone to blame. They have to in order to rationalize why these events would occur. What I don’t understand is why you would bother to have a police force who can do nothing but scold someone who is caught doing anything illegal? That just makes your police look ridiculous and they know it themselves. Now I do not condone violence, but surely if you see someone setting light to a building you should be able to arrest them with force? What has happened to the world today? There is no way to discipline people anymore without ending up in court! That is probably why they looted and destroyed things the way they did, because they have never been disciplined in their lives.

A friend of mine living in London had this to say ‘Isn’t it great that we have to pay taxes so (amongst other things) people who cannot support their children can get benefits? Isn’t it great that we then have to pay again, when these said children decide they are impoverished and disadvantaged because they can’t have designer shoes and destroy everything. And how great is it that if we remove these benefits from them, we are likely to have to pay some more, because then they really will be poor and cause some more havoc… Great stuff!”

When you listen to their reasoning for their behavior it makes even less sense. You switch over to news of civil unrest in African counties and those people do not have basic human rights while the people living in the UK have the dole and housing given to them. Then they say things like they can relate more easily to the immigrants because they are not treated as though they are British and all I can say to that is then go back to wherever it was you came from. I think you should watch this clip, because although he is an American he makes some good points!


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