Single Behavior.


Have you ever heard bachelor’s saying they struggle with relationships because they are too ‘set in their ways’ or you may find some people have certain habits they prefer to keep hidden from people as it may tarnish their reputation? Well, these are most certainly something to think about! I say bachelor’s because most women are happy to accommodate change in their routine and although women may be set in their ways if the right man comes along they will find the flexibility to accommodate them. If you are in a relationship think about the things you get up to when you are left alone or for the singles think of your daily routine and habits and what you think you would hide from a potential partner? No one is perfect and everyone has odd little obsessions and habits that may seem odd to the outside world, but it fits perfectly in to their world. The big question is, should you hide your those odd habits from your partner or should you allow them to see some of the peculiar things you may get up to.

Many people want to be a seen as an enigma. It is all good and well keeping up that farce if you do not live together or if it is the beginning of something and you wish to remain mysterious, but at some point if you eventually move in together all that mystery will eventually fade away. Let us go back to the big question; what do you do about your single behavior and habits? Not all the things we get up to when we are on our own is odd, but there are some things that may be considered freaky and you may very well be judged for it. Before your imagination runs wild here are a few examples of things you may prefer to get up to on your own: Eating peanut butter with a spoon from the jar; staring at yourself in the mirror; trying on different outfits and parading around; singing loudly and dancing around to your kind of music; chewing your toenails and many, many more.

If you let someone in to your odd world you open up the door to judgement. Everyone has a threshold of weirdness that they can endure for someone they care about. The boundaries differ for each person and are unique to each relationship. It is possible that your tolerance for odd habits is directly proportional to  how odd your own habits are. That makes perfect sense, because the weirder your habits are the more forgiving you may be to someone else with habits that are as weird. At the end of the day if you go from being a single to a couple your odd habits have a shelf-life so be prepared to face the music at some stage. I would love to hear people’s opinions on what they consider is the limit for odd behavior and if they have ever broken up with someone owing to their single behavior?


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