Voodoo stuff!


Yes, I have seen the Skeleton Key and I know that the voodoo magic only worked because she believed it would work, but come on now, you cannot tell me you wouldn’t freak out if you found lizard bones strung on to a piece of thin rope in the draw of your dressing table? Who knows, someone may just have thought it would be cool to string lizard bones on to a string and leave them lying around but to me that is just plain bizarre. I suppose in Africa it is more accurate to refer to a sangoma aka witch doctor. Funny enough when I got researching I found out that lizard bones are used to ward off crime and evil spirits so it seems I should thank whoever put those bones in my bedroom. Maybe believing in such things is similar to the placebo effect with regards to medication; You may be taking a sugar pill, but if you don’t know and you begin to feel better, then maybe it is all in the mind. Still, sometimes I think if something has magic or power then it has magic or power and believing or not believing will not change a thing.

I understand that some people are skeptics and they pffffft off everything that may force them to step outside of their comfort zone and take a look at things from a different perspective. I am not saying that the tokoloshe exists or that the lizard bones will ward of evil spirits and crime, but maybe that positive energy that comes from the belief that the lizard bones ward off evil spirits and crime does play a part. You know those people who say bad things always happen to them? Well, maybe it is the energy they are putting out in to the world. It is just a thought. I am not saying your belief or disbelief in something can give it power or take power away, all I am saying is that maybe there are some things that are bigger than a simple ‘I believe.’ I know there are many people who strongly believe in the power of positive thoughts and energy. I always enjoy hearing people’s views on this subject and maybe there are some people out there who could shed some light on the whole sangoma/witchcraft approach to things. I may need to interview a sangoma at some stage and find out more because my curiosity has been sparked.


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  1. I believe that when u think something it can come true.
    I studied a bit of cognitive therapy as well as cognitive & behavioural therapy and if your life script is negative (your thoughts about life, yourself, the world, people are your life script) then chances are your actions and/or behaviour will mimic that. That IS a proven fact. Hence why you think, therefore you are…

    So yes your thoughts can materialise and I also believe that if you believe in something very strongly it will probably come true/happen.
    I believe that if a lot of thoughts, thought or prayed about the same thing, that can come true too – collective conscious!

    • I have heard that as well… and it makes me think of you are who you hang with, because you will pick up a similar mind set to your friends so you have to surround yourself with positive people, thoughts and energy!

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