Snippet 3…


That was until I had been dumped over the phone by the latest douche. For some reason girls like to take their emotions out on their hair and this was no exception. I went from being a blonde with hair down to my bum to a brunette with a bob and just so you know once you have made that decision there is no going back. It felt good to look different and I figured that a change was as good as a holiday. Besides, it is hair so it would grow back eventually.

It did not matter. I would have an amazing holiday in spite of all the heart ache and I would come out the other side a little stronger and hopefully this time a little wiser. Let me tell you, there is nothing like a road trip with some of your best girl friends to help get you over a guy. Off we went the three of us ready to cause trouble wherever we went!

The days consisted of waking up around eleven and getting ready to go to the beach for the afternoon. There is something about a beach that just makes you happy. If you are unhappy on a beach then you have real issues. The beach made me feel great! Toes in the sand; sunnies over my eyes while the sun slowing bronzed my skin. We played every beach game we could until it came time to go home and get ready for sun-downers.

When we arrived home we would hot box the bathroom. Now that stuff will take away all your worries. I had never been that naughty before and it felt so good to not have to worry for a change. I did not have to answer to my parents or some guy; I could just chill out and do whatever I wanted to without feeling guilty. I learned to roll a pretty good joint that holiday and I learned to hit a bong! That is a life skill that will not take you very far, but on a bad day it can come in handy.

It was great being so carefree and going out to party until four in the morning. That is what your youth is for; to go out, get drunk, meet hot guys who give you attention and make you feel good and then crawl in to bed, sleep, wake-up and repeat! I don’t know if I really felt better but at least I could forget about whatever it was I was feeling at the time. I could bury the emotional turmoil until a more appropriate stage where I could actually begin to deal with it. Honestly, I was still madly in love with the asshole and even though I shouldn’t at that time I probably would have taken him back if he had asked; but he didn’t. I didn’t hear from him until he came back and he wanted me to organise some VIP club entrance for him. As a social butterfly people get to know you and you can ask favours every once in a while. I have no idea why I offered to help him out, but I blame denial and a serious case of bad judgement on my part. After that I never heard from him again. So I could just continue to enjoy my holiday that I seemed to be going through in a kind of daze.

… to be continued.


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