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You know people say that high school never ends? Well, the more I look around me the more I realize it really does not end. Throughout life you will still meet the jocks, the spoiled brats, the emo’s, the artistic people, the clowns, the ‘try-hards’, the party people, the stoners, etc. It really never ends and the thing is that their behavior seems to get progressively worse with age. For me, the most frustrating people are the one’s who think they are too cool; the main man; the center of attention. They think they are God’s gift to the world and that everyone just waits on the edge of their seat to hear what they have to say. These are the fools who cannot take a joke, but sure can dish it out. If you say anything that may damage their ego consider yourself the enemy, because forgiveness does not exist to those people. I could not express the depth of my dislike for those moronic, pig-headed pricks… oh wait, that seems to be a fairly good description. I want to know, how others tolerate these people, because my patience begins to run out the moment I can tell they are one of those…

So basically the cool cats spend their lives trying to prove to everyone just how cool the are and they do not seem to realize that people eventually stop caring. I remember this one guy at school who used to call me every swear word his teeny tiny brain could think of and after being called a ‘ho-bitch, slutbag’ everyday, because you do not think their lame stories are cool, you kind of look at the person and think ‘where do you come from?’ They become an annoying buzzing sound and they just do not go away! The only advice I can give on tolerating such people is to see them as little as possible. If I wanted to have someone push my buttons everyday I would live with my brother, because siblings know just how to irritate each other. To all the high and mighty pricks I suggest you tone down your ego’s and learn to laugh at yourselves because life is not so serious!


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  1. Swearing is a substitute for a limited vocabulary 🙂 Having said this though, as the weird kid at school (and I know I’m about to sound bitchy) there is something quite satisfying about walking into a video shop and finding the girl who teased you at school, standing behind the counter fat and pregnant while you know you are doing pretty well for your age. As Bill (Gates) said: “Be nice to nerds, they may be your boss one day.”

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