My first snippet…


This is going to be the first snippet out of something I am writing that is going to be longer than a blog. Quite a bit long than a blog… Tell me what you think. It is fiction of course, but I figured there is no time like the present to start writing a story people may enjoy reading. I am not sure what to call it yet so we shall see!

This story… sorry about that! My story begins the day my first love; you know the person who you’ll never forget, the one who made you feel something you had never experienced before, the one who whispered sweet nothings in your ear and you liked it; yes, the one who you spent hours dreaming about all day, every day. Well, we are going to start when he dumped me. Let me put it in a way that everyone will understand; he broke my heart, ripped it out my still beating chest, held it in his hand and took pleasure in watching me gasp for air while the world around me crumbled. That may have been slightly dramatic, but it hurt and at that point love and the idea of being in love pretty much sucked.

‘So you’re going to go overseas with your friends before you come home first?’ I asked.

‘It’s the last time I am going to see some of them for a while so I think I am going to go.’ He replied.

‘Ok. Well that sounds like fun. I wish I could go.’

‘But after that I will be home and then I will spend six weeks with you.’

‘It won’t actually be six weeks because I am going away over Christmas if you don’t remember so I will see you for two weeks and then not for another month again.’ There was silence. ‘I have just been looking forward to seeing you, that’s all. I’m sure I will get over it.’

‘What do you want me to do? Do you want me to come home to see you and miss out on this great trip with my friends? You are manipulating me again.’ He really said that!

‘I’m not trying to manipulate you.’

‘You don’t even realize you are doing it! You knew this was a possibility and now you are mad at me for wanting to have some fun without you.’

‘I’m not mad at you; I just wish I could go with you overseas for the two weeks. It’s another two weeks longer until I see you again and it’s already been two months, of course I’m upset. What’s wrong with you? You should be glad I am upset that I won’t get to see you for another two weeks.’ I tried to explain calmly.

‘I cannot believe you would be mad at me when all I want to do is travel a bit and have some fun. You are turning something fun in to a fight again.’ He yelled back at me. ‘I can’t do this with you anymore. You sulk when things don’t go your way.’

‘… But I’m not mad and I’m not sulking! I’m just a little upset that I won’t be seeing you as soon as I thought I would. Do you not understand that?’ He yelled at me so I felt compelled to yell back.

‘This has to end.’ He said.

‘What do you mean ‘this has to end.’ I mimicked him.

‘As in me and you, Nicki!’

‘It’s you and I! And we haven’t even had a proper chance to have a relationship because we haven’t been living in the same damn country.’ Yes, I started crying at this point. ‘This is really a silly thing to break-up with me over.’

‘I am not going to talk to you about this anymore, Nicki. We are over.’

And just like that the son of a bitch hung up on me.


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