I am that annoying person who stares at a menu and cannot make up their mind. Then I will order a coke light, change it to a water and when I hear someone else order a rock shandy I change it to that because it sounds good. It used to drive my dad insane at restaurants because I could never make up my mind. My indecision was owing to trying to order healthy, but not really wanting to. If you think that is annoying how about the people who literally cannot make their minds up about ANYTHING because they have had people deciding things for them since the day they could blink? You ask them what they feel like doing and they answer with ‘I don’t know, what do you feel like doing?’ or if you want to share a pizza and you ask what they like and they say ‘I don’t mind you can choose and I will just eat whatever you choose’ and so forth until the end of time! Not all decisions are life changing so FFS can you please just select something you like to do and do it?

If you make a suggestion to do something and you have something particular in mind you should verbalize it, but after being the suggestee and the decision maker all the time it tends to get a bit tedious. After the effort it takes to decide what you are doing you are so peeved you do not even feel like doing anything. Eventually, people will start saying you are bossy and that you only ever do what you want to do and it is true, because if you never decided what to do you would spend your life doing… NOTHING! As the indecisive people, if you know what you want to do then learn to open your mouth and say it! Here are a few tips to help you make a decision for once in your life:

1. List your likes and dislikes so when people suggest doing something you have a comment to add.

2. Live on the edge and make decisions every now and again without consulting 10 people who really don’t care what toppings go on your pizza!

3. Carry a magic 8 ball or a yes/no dice around with you and whenever you get stuck, throw it! Ps. make sure there is no MAYBE on the dice because that will confuse your fragile mind.

Indecision is just an annoying habit you need to help yourself break. Take your diaper off, wipe the snot off your nose and just make decisions because that is the only way you will ever learn.


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    • I want one of those yes/no dices… must be interesting to decide your fate at the roll of the dice! You can get the magic 8 balls at the big blue store in canal walk near to incredible connection 🙂

  1. I get stuck when ordering food – except sushi & pizza. Also, I’m pretty flexible when it comes to deciding where to go etc. but I’m sort of set in my ways and actually love making arrangements so when people ooh and ahh and can’t make up their minds – and then don’t have any better options I also get peeved.

    • I try to not be the one who can’t decide but some days I just cannot help it! And another problem I seem to have encountered is that all my clothes are black because when given an option I just go with the safest option I can think of! So.. indecision sucks!

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