Separate rooms until you are married!


I really do not see the point of this at all! I suppose if you do not like the person who you son or daughter has decided to date it makes sense to keep them apart for as long as you have a say, but if they are living together when you are not around it seems like the stupidest rule anyone could ever try to enforce. Christian or whatever there is no reasoning on this earth that will make me understand why people do that and it happens more often than you think. Sure, you have to respect your parents or your partners parents wishes, but that does not mean that you have to agree with it. My mom always said ‘if you want to do it, you WILL find a way to do it and separate rooms will not stop it from happening.’ Now that sounds like logical reasoning to me and the more you try to keep people away from each other the more they will want to find a way to get it on anyways. These days if people are living together it is pretty much a guarantee that they are sleeping together and if they are engaged and living together well then if they are not they are a RARE breed.

I remember going on holiday one December with three families and in the one family the eldest sister was engaged and her fiance was along for the holiday as well. They had been living together for a few years in another country and were to be married the following year, but they were not allowed to share a bed let alone a room on this holiday. I think their invitations had even gone out for the wedding. You can guess who was always the first to leave the party and why! My one friend left the party early as well the one night and she walked in to an awkward little moment because we were sharing a linked double room. It was one of the stupidest things I had ever heard someone try to enforce and to this day I do not get it. Someone please explain this to me? A religious answer will not mean a thing because they have most certainly had sex before so maybe it was one final power trip from the mom’s side.

It all comes down to respect. You cannot have your partner over at your parents house and stay in the room all day with the door closed! How much more obvious can you be? Just because you get given permission to sleep in the same room together does not mean you should take advantage of that. When I first started dating my boyfriend I knew his mom was not keen on us sharing a room and when I arrived there I asked where I should stay and she was the one who said I could stay in his room with him. Just remember as silly as it may seem to you it may be important to some people. If you are given the green light try to be considerate of what that means and unless you are changing or are married, keep the door open. Any thoughts? Any parents wish to comment?



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  1. Well, the day you & your partner decides to stay in the same room or moving in together, you should say to yourself: “we’re grown ups now, behave like one’s” whether you gonna get married or not, which take us back to your previous blog “Marriage is not for everyone”

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