Calendar Girls


For those who do not know the image is a poster from World War II where women were left to do the men’s work while the men went off and fought in the war… And so begins the project I never thought I would ever be a part of… Girls, ladies, women, whatever you want to be referred to as, this is for us! This is for all of us who try everyday to starve ourselves and be a better version of who we are right now. I am not a hairy legged feminist yelling for equal rights or blaming men for how we are, because we are to blame for not standing up for ourselves and for thinking we should be seen and not heard. It makes me sad to think that there are some women out there who feel that silence serves them better than speaking out or that they deserve to be abused because someone has made them feel like they are not worthy of respect or love. Women so often play the victim, but this time around, the women you will be helping are not crying wolf. I consider myself to be a strong woman and I never thought I would be a victim of sexual harassment or bullying until I was. I thank my lucky stars I am out and now I am happy to help women all over to ‘KNOW YOUR WORTH.’

To check out my interview here is the link

To check out the blog and see how you can help and if it is a cause that is close to your heart you can visit:

Women’s month is approaching and with many ways to give back to women who may not be as strong or as fortunate as others I hope this encourages you to get involved in any way possible.


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