Sales people…


I know some people believe they could sell sand to Egypt and I know there appears to be an abundance of sales jobs out there, but sales is NOT for everyone. I am not a sales person. I loathe sales. It is one of the most stressful, frustrating jobs there is and all you ever get on a permanent basis is crap from your boss and the general public. I don’t even know if I feel bad for those people who have to do cold calling. Some people actually enjoy sales so maybe they do not mind being yelled at and hung up on all day? There are certain people who should NEVER go in to the industry, because they will only fail.

a. You have a monotonous voice that is dull and boring. People will hang up on you.

b. Your voice is overly excited and squeaky. You will annoy people and again, they will hang up on you.

c. Your persistence becomes rudeness! Ever had sales people yell at you over the phone? I have all because I politely said I am not interested. If you yell you can simply go f%$# yourself. Even if you are yelling ‘you cannot pass up on this deal.’

d. You do not allow the person you have called to talk until your little pitch is done. If they keep trying to talk and they keep getting cut off there is no point in finishing your pitch anyways because odds are they stopped listening a while ago.

e. If you cold call you call people in the middle of the day… some people are busy and do not have time to talk to you so accept that and say good-bye!

f. Hovering over customers in a store will also NOT guarantee a sale. They are more likely to leave because they feel uncomfortable. It is intrusive so stay back.

g. If your first language is not English and people can barely make out what you are trying to say then you will be hung up on. People don’t usually like sales calls or being harassed by sales people so a sales call from someone you cannot understand is a big no!

There are loads more pointers we could offer but I think those make sense. Any sales people want to comment? No doubt there are the select few who really are natural-born sales people and they make the task of sales look effortless, but for the rest of you…



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