Start to End.


I find in the fast paced lifestyle we find ourselves in today it is difficult to commit to anything really. Change is just too easy and we seem to get sucked in to something new and different without even realizing it. It is so easy to start something; you find you are inspired and you plan it all out and make sure you know exactly what steps you need to take to get to where you want to be, but it is the finishing that people seem to be struggling with. Here is a little example I like to call ‘Typical Capetonians’ : You will be sitting with a group of people who are so friendly and you seem to get on so well. They talk about all these things you must do together, you exchange numbers, but the great things you talked about doing NEVER seem to materialize. Very simple, straightforward example of how people have these grand ideas that never follow through. Aside from disappointing yourself sometimes you let other people down. Sure they are not your responsibility, but then do not invite them along in the first place.

Starting something and finishing it extends beyond social circles. I remember when I was about 11 years old I started learning to play the recorder. What a simple instrument, but I got bored when I mastered it and I wanted to just stop until my father told me to finish out the term, because I had committed to it already and you should always finish what you start. It is the same principle when you are running a race. Yes, you will reach points where you are exhausted and stopping seems like the only option, but think how good it would feel when you reach the finish line? If you are the type of person who starts loads of little projects and never finishes them I think you need to take a step back and ask yourself why. It is great to be inspired at the beginning of a project, but the real accomplishment is when you can find little bouts of inspiration along the way that keeps you going until you complete whatever task you have set out for yourself.

Every person falters and every person doubts themselves at one point or another, but giving up and throwing your hands in the air should never be an option. It is evident in divorce rates, university drop-outs, failed companies, etc. It is too easy to forget why you started something or even why you loved someone so much once upon a time. We give up too easily on ourselves and on one another so the next time you decide to do something do it PROPERLY and make sure you finish it.



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  3. The one thing that’s great about living in a small town is that things AREN’T so fast paced here.
    Also making jewelry specifically for clients and what THEY want has helped me to start AND finish my smaller projects.

    I’ve always felt it is in the mind. YOU must motivate yourself. YOU must do it and COMMIT yourself to what you say and take responsibility if it didn’t work (as in divorce, it isn’t solely one party’s fault.)

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