Macho man…!


I know there is a reason guys act like big stuff in front of their friends, but I do not get the change from sweet guy to total prick.  Some men even morph into only an ego leaving witnesses shocked and confused. I know as a guy you have to maintain your ‘machoness’ and manhood, because if you don’t you are the guy who is ‘pussy whipped.’ Imagine if you were all cute and cuddly with your girlfriend in front of the guys! How would you ever be able to be the main man again? All joking aside I get that guys need to be guys, but for the sake of not having a fight at the end of the evening for becoming a complete jack ass here are some pointers that can save you from a possible sparring session with your significant other:

You do not have to straddle her, but a hand squeeze and hug here and there can make all the difference.

Do not insult her. You will lose be it right at that moment or later on when you want a bit of action. Girls withhold when guys treat them badly and think it is acceptable because it was just for a laugh. We do not get the whole insult one another for a joke thing. We talk behind each others backs for that.

Do not join in with your friends when they start teasing your girlfriend. Even if it is innocent little jabs, girls tend to take things personally whether they show it or not. Plus, your friends do not have to deal with the temper tantrum later on, you do!

Defend your girlfriend! If one of your friends is being an obnoxious little brat and saying things that are inappropriate then you should speak up. Do not take the guy off to a corner out of sight to talk to him, you bash him in front of everyone because he deserves a taste of his own medicine. Plus, you will score extra brownie points that way.

So that is about it really. You can keep your ego and not offend anyone by just being a gentleman when it counts. Guys, do you struggle with this often? I know men and women clash with regards to, well everything just about so if anyone has anything else to add please feel free!



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