This is not a fashion statement nor is it a funky different hair style… it just scream TOOL! It is as if a hair dresser got horribly drunk or high or even a combination of the two the night before and then stumbled in to work, began cutting the hair and then got over it and left the rest. Even a mini mullet is not ok. Unless you are Brad Pitt I would stick to a normal looking hair cut that does not scream douche bag. When you GHD your mullet that means there is obviously no hope for you. If you would like to put together a trailer trash ensemble then you have it spot on with the mullet. You could not get tackier than that and a wife beater! Oh, gosh, it is like growing one of those rat tails and then braiding it so people can only see it when you walk away. You are actually lucky because if you saw their facial expressions you would rip it off then and there never mind cutting it. So basically, unless you are doing it for a movie role or for a dress up party then rather… don’t!

Any comments on the mullet? Are there people out there who like them?


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