Ah, Eskom…


I am going to try to be as politically correct as I address this infuriating issue, but I cannot promise anything. It appears that the executives at Eskom think we do not know what is going on over there. They may stick their heads in the sand and think no one else notices the nonsense they are pulling, but that does not mean that we are all doing the same. It may help them to switch on the news every now and again or read a newspaper once in a while or hell, even Google themselves to see where their names have been mentioned. Aside from that I was shocked to buy R500 worth of electricity and get less than 500 units for my money. R500 used to last a decent amount of time, but it seems those days are long gone. What I do not understand is how Eskom executives think they have done a good enough job to reward themselves with these fat salaries and salary increases? Um… arriving at work everyday to sit behind your desk is one thing, but when all you do is sit there and play with yourself how are you working to improve the lives of South Africans? If I am sitting here gasping at electricity costs I am terrified to ask those who are living on the bread line how it is affecting their lives. I encourage everyone to have a read over this article and tell me what you think about this?


What can we really do about these cheeky little shits? At the end of the day it is the end consumers who suffer. Whether you earn a fat salary or not the increase in electricity is going to affect everyone. I wish I could explain why the Eskom executives seem to be so dim-witted, but I think I would prefer to watch them stutter and um and ah while they explain themselves!



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  1. ag ja getting fet up with these guys as it’s always the same story and never ever does it change, in fact, it’s happening everywhere. The best you can do is by going green and in the process save yourself some money and being less depended on them.

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