We are all terrified of something! Even if you have dendrophobia, which is a fear of trees. Here is a link to a list of fears that people suffer from:  Let me tell you there are some of the weirdest things on there but if someone is as terrified of knees as I am of bugs (all bugs, anything creepy-crawly basically that runs, flies, slides or whatever) I wold not judge them. A phobia is an extreme IRRATIONAL fear or aversion to something. If I told you I am afraid of bugs because they look ugly and they crawl over your body which terrifies me people who are not afraid of them will laugh at me like I am some kind of mental person. It would be the same for someone who tried to explain to me why they are afraid of knees, I just do not understand that, but hey, it is your IRRATIONAL fear.

I know many people laugh at others who go to psychologists, but sometimes your fear can really drive you to the edge! Yesterday I had to lay down in grass and I jumped up screaming my lungs out when I saw bugs crawling over me. Yes, I literally jumped up screaming so loud the dogs in the park ran to me, because they thought I was being attacked or something. Of course I did feel as though I was being attacked and my adrenaline was pumping while everyone else laughed at me… I am used to that. Once I had to walk through a door at night and there was a light above it so where do you think all the bugs were? To me that was a death-defying act. I would not consult a shrink about my fear of bugs, but I would consult a shrink if I was afraid of chins or something like that. I am afraid of heights as well, but I just stay away from balconies and if I go on roller-coasters it is even more terrifying yet enjoyable for me because I have even more adrenaline pumping. So I use that to my advantage.

What are you afraid of? If it is something really bizarre or not I want to know what FREAKS you out and why…



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  1. I have serious Orniphobia! It is so bad I got nightmares after watching Happy Feet the first time (because of the birds that wanted to eat mumble). Strangely though, I love penguins!
    I am getting better in the sense that although I am terrified by birds, I don’t crash anymore when i see one, I just get away as quickly as possible. Before I would freeze and stop breathing.

    • You see what I mean… I don’t understand it, but I totally respect it because it FREAKS you out and you know it’s not right but you just cannot help it. Thank you for sharing… do you have any idea where it came from???

      • Not really, I have a feint memory of being chased by guinea fowl, but not much else. I have found out though that some phobias can be hereditary. (Believe it or not) Two of my mother’s cousins are just as scared as I am of birds

  2. Im sorry, this is random, but is your name bronwyn? LOL cuz I searched “fear of bugs crawling on me” because i feel like i have that, and this came up. and my name is bronwyn. ;D

    • Yes my name is Bronwyn… I too have a fear of bugs crawling on me! Cannot stand it to be honest. It is the worst thing ever and just thinking about it has me squirming!

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