The Girl Code…


Apparently, there are girls out there who DO NOT seem to follow this ‘Girl Code.’ Ask any guy about the ‘Guy Code’ and he could probably recite every point in detail. I do not know why girls think the Girl Code does not apply to them and to all those girls who are continuously breaking the code and then crying because they have no friends, um… I don’t care. The Code mostly applies to how girls should behave when it comes to guys. The reason for that is because there are emotions involved and why would you want to hurt your friends feelings? Different friendship groups have different codes, but the one’s I will be writing out should apply to ANY circle of girls. We are bitchy by nature so why add fuel to the fire?

1. Thou shalt not go to bed/date/hook up with ANY of thy friends ex’s! What is wrong with you? Can you not find guys who your friends have not hooked up with or something? Or is it because you friend has hooked up with them that you suddenly feel the need to validate yourself and hook up with all the guys they have been with? How sad are you! The two exceptions are if you have your friends blessing or if they could not care less. Having your friends blessing means you approached them about it and spoken about it. It is not based on your assumption!

2. Thou Shalt not bad mouth thy friends to potential boyfriends because you want them for yourself! That is unforgivable and your friend WILL find out and she will be peeved at you for good reason. Why sabotage your friends happiness for your own selfish gain? Oh, wait… it’s because you are selfish that you do that…

3. As a best friend you should NEVER NEVER look at your friends boyfriend, fiance or husband with suggestive eyes! That is a serious no go and why would you want to be a home wrecker and more to the point wreck the home of someone who is supposed to mean so much to you? Do not blame the guy for making advances, take some responsibility and keep your legs closed.

4. You should say things out of love not out of jealousy! Before you want to go and tell your friend you think someone is bad for them you should think about your reasons why. The REAL reasons why! Jealousy can drive you to do nasty things so just be clear about why you feel the way you do.

5. Do not insult your friends boyfriend and your friends boyfriend should not insult you. This is a recipe for disaster and it can only lead to them hating each other which is never a good thing.

6. Never tell your friends what to do! Advice is one thing, but you do not tell your friends to break up with a guy. You help them make the best decision for themselves and you support which ever decision they make.

7. Do not stay friends with your friends ex’s unless your friend is friends with them! Yes, you delete the guy off fb, you delete his number.. yes, you erase the memory of the sucker, because your gal pal needs you to be on her side. There are no excuses and any information you hear about the bastard you pass directly and IMMEDIATELY on to your friend.

8. Do NOT cock block your friends! If you are the jealous type get a clue. The guy does not want you, he wants your friend so suck it up and deal with it. There is no need to embarrass yourself and try to get in there where you are obviously not wanted.

9. Girl’s Night is for GIRLS ONLY! Do not invite guys with. You can spend one night every now and again away from your precious boyfriend. It will not kill either of you. Having him stand in a corner away from you at a club is NOT ON!.

10. You always defend your friends. Whether they are right or wrong you defend them. If they are wrong you can crap them out afterwards, but you stick up for them even if it makes you look stupid.

There are many more rules in the girl code, but I can guarantee if you break any of the above you will probably lose your friend. Always be a good friend because one day when you need that shoulder to cry on you know you will be surrounded by people who care. If you want to be a back-stabbing tramp whose life revolves around guys then I hope you can find a guy who sticks cause it’s all you will have! Please feel free to include any other rules you think are important!



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  1. Thou shalt not sleep with your best friend’s family whether it be uncle/cousin/brother/father without consent!

    Agree. Keep your friends close and really do your best to be a friend. A proper one!

  2. RE: 1. Thou shalt not go to bed/date/hook up with ANY of thy friends ex’s!
    What if the friend was more of an acquaintance? Sometimes the universe has weird ways of getting people to meet and sometimes its impossible to ignore what really is there (given of course that you have waited a good couple of months first)

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