I’m Sorry?


Well so am I! Just because someone apologizes does not mean that all is forgiven. Everyone has their limits and thereafter ‘I’m Sorry’ becomes a poor excuse to continue behaving like a complete shithead, for lack of a better word. ‘I forgot to buy the lettuce for the salad’ is something you can be forgiven for! ‘I am a public figure who mouths off about things until I am told to shut it and apologize…’ I think not. Maybe you should learn to not have anything to be sorry for when you have younger generations looking up to you. Try and think before you open your mouth and spew out utter rubbish. Plus, when it takes as long as it did to say sorry how sorry are you really? All I can say is remorseful my ass… The only positive comment I have to add is that at least acknowledging the mistake is a step in the right direction, but do not be fooled because some people are a master of words and they know how to word things in ways that make their intentions seem well. Please let me know what you think because I know I am being harsh, but the time for keeping quiet is lank verby!



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  1. All I’m saying as well… some people doesn’t mean it when the say “I’m sorry”, cause in their minds they still thinking the “evil” – if i can put it that way.
    It’s the same like the words “Love You”. If it isn’t coming from the heart, it’s meaningless.

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