Me, Myself and I!


Many people seem to be suffering from a terrible affliction… SELF-OBSESSION! Let me give you a brief preview:

‘That guy/girl was totally looking at me!’ ‘That comment was aimed at me. I know it.’ ‘I’m so hot.’ ‘I don’t want to go out with you because you take the attention away from me.’ ‘I bet that little talk we had was all about me.’ ‘Why me?’ ‘My life is so difficult.’ ‘I’m so full of myself.’ ”They asked that question because of something I said or did.’ Need I go on and bore you with more droning on and on and on and on and on and… I think you get the idea.

Here is a quick little fact you may or may not know: Not everything is about YOU!!! 

People take things way too personally and if you stopped assuming everything is directed at you it may be easier to realize that you are not the center of anyone else’s universe; only your own. Sometimes people just ask a question because they want to, not because they had any idea you would twist it and somehow make it relevant to you. People have this way of making everything about themselves and I think you should know that it is painfully annoying. Some people even assume strangers having a chit-chat among themselves is directed at them. If you are using life examples to explain things that is different because you are drawing from experience. The easiest way to spot a self-obsessed person is how they always change the topic of conversation to be about them and they tend fish for compliments. I think everyone suffers from mild self-obsession. I know I tend to fixate on myself to the point where I feel so uncomfortable in my own skin I want to watch a documentary about people with real problems just to get over myself. Sad, but true. At least I can admit it.

Pointers for dealing with people who obsess about themselves all the time… Well, they are pretty much over sensitive about themselves so any direct or indirect comment about them should have the desired effect. You should be able to tell people who are self-obsessed that they need to get over themselves. If the things the fixated on were actual issues I could understand but for many it is just narcissism. Any thoughts? Ideas? Examples???



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