Nipple Facts!


I figured that today I would grab your attention by looking at some nipple trivia. We all have them (I’m pretty sure we all have them) and some of you even have a third nipple there somewhere. We are not judging, just stating facts. Talking about facts, I would like to test this one: Go in to the bathroom and flick your nipple. Time how long it takes to get hard, because apparently it should take 6 seconds, but I do not know how true that is. I have read some interesting and then some questionable nipple ‘facts’ regarding this topic and here are 5 facts focusing on the nipples.

1. Erect nipples do not ALWAYS mean you are horny! Sometimes they just pop up like when it is cold. Some people tend to smuggle smarties around all the time and if you are a girl with permanent nipple stand then PLEASE invest in a padded bra, because those things are distracting to guys. They are like homing beacons!

2. Some men and women can orgasm by just stimulating the nipple! Is this true?

3. Some people, 1 out of 8, have a third nipple. I believe Lily Allen and Mark Wahlberg are open about their third nipple’s.

4. All nipples are different! Some nipples even go into the body rather than outward. No, it is not dangerous it just looks different. Google a picture if you want to see.

5. Hair does NOT grow on the nipple only on the areola. Apparently, they say you should pluck it, not shave it off if you have hair there and if it bothers you.

If you have any other facts to add please go ahead. I hope you feel enlightened about the nipple and please do not go around flicking random people’s nipples to see if it takes 6 seconds to get hard.



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    • Thank goodness for modern times! It makes me wonder who came up with all that garbage just so they could burn people alive, because those are the sick people. Anyways, thanks for that little bit of info 🙂

  1. Mine took a tad longer than 6 seconds… Like 8?
    AMEN TO #1!!!
    All the women in our family have an inverted nipple, but my doc has shown me how to fix it & now I’m not part of the family anymore! Yay! Is this overshare? Sorry LMAO!

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