How old was Juliet when she died?


My friend asked me how old Juliet was when she died and as far as I can remember she was 14. I know, 14 years old, in love and then dying for that love! Thank heavens for Barbie, because children have had their focus on playing will dolls rather than someone else. Apparently, I stand to be corrected and she was only 13 years old when she died… GASP! There is not much difference between 13 or 14 so let’s all just get over it and focus on how young they were. After watching Romeo and Juliet the movie with Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes you have this idea that they are about 16 or 17, but never would you think they are 13 years old! What on earth does a 13 year old know about love? That is not an insult, just a general wondering. Your hormones are going crazy, things are changing and of course your parents are the enemy. How many people have even had their first kiss by the age of 13? Alright, so quite a few, but still. I just thought it would be an interesting little fact to share before the weekend! So steer clear of any 13 year olds this weekend, because apparently they are far more, um, developed than we give them credit for!

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  1. Hmmm… But in those days things were different. They married young. She was already promised to another guy at the time before romeo.
    They married young for love… Not sex, security or financial gain.

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