NO more Disney PRINCESSES?!


You have the skanky younger generations to thank for that, because apparently they do not want to be princesses who go on adventures and meet handsome princes. Think of all the great stories Disney has brought us about princesses and their princes. It seems sacrilegious to just close the book on these characters who have brought so much joy to the generations that were not having sex at the age of 12. Now children would rather be Paris Hilton or the universe forbid Lindsay Lohan! I can fully understand little girls looking up to celebrities, but why would you NOT want to be a princess? Tangled the Disney animation about Rapunzel, was named Tangled so that children would not associate it with the well known story of Rapunzel. I understand changing for your market and the need to keep money rolling in, but think back to the days of Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty and so many more . I think of all the Disney songs and how I grew up wanting to be a princess… now they will sing about hooking up with guys and the mile high club! I believe everything is going to be made darker and more Brother’s Grimm like. For all the other nostalgic people out there, aside from the typo which says dream and should say dreamed, this video is a glimpse of most of the great Princesses of Disney 🙂


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  1. OK. Whoa. Didn’t think seeing all those gals would make me emotional, but hey, you got me 🙂 I do miss the Walt Disney Princesses. Cute post 🙂 And I feel sorry for young-ens who aren’t able to appreciate it anymore. There’s just to many forms of entertainment out there these days. Choosing to support and stick to simplicity is a difficult conscious decision that I can’t even master 🙂

  2. And it’s not just the wannabe princesses that are dissapearing. Have you had a look at the types of “cartoons” that are on tv?

    What ever happend to Tom and Jerry, Flintstones, The Jetsons (am I showing my age here)?

    At the moment I am stocking up on all these things on DVD so my daughter can rather watch that than E!

  3. i miss those days… the crap that get’s spewed onto television today is just shit.
    that’s why fish and i only watch dvd’s… the classics. i see no point in paying hundreds for the crap on dstv

    • I love your thinking 🙂 princesses FOREVER! Why does everything have to be dark? I believe Kirsten Stewart will play Snow White with Charlize Theron as the evil queen..!

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